Kristy Duncan, CEO and founder of Women in Payments, has created a global professional network dedicated to promoting gender equality in the payments and fintech industries.

The organization provides support for career development of women across payments and fintech through a variety of programs such as leadership development, symposia, awards, networking and mentorship. 

Kristy is also actively involved as an investor and advisor for a number of women-led fintechs. She has a background in payments, having consulted for leading fintechs, financial institutions, regulators, and payment networks, and has held leadership roles in the banking industry. 

Kristy is a highly respected leader in the field, and a frequently sought after industry speaker, advisor and mentor. Her proudest work is her mentorship of rising stars around the world, and her advocacy for gender equity within banking and fintech across the industry. 

3 top achievements in fintech in the last 18-24 months

·  Established the largest payments and fintech organization for women in the world

·  Expanded markets to include Latin America

·  Over 140% increase in the global community, growing from 10,000 to over 24,000 members and supporters

Despite these achievements, there remains a significant gender gap in these industries.  Research shows that only 22% of fintech leadership positions are held by women, and women occupy only 11% of executive positions in finance. This lack of representation not only limits diversity of ideas but also sends a message that the fintech and finance industries are not welcoming or accessible to women. Programs like Women in Payments play a crucial role in addressing this disparity and promoting career growth for women in these fields.

Personal impact upon fintech in last 18-24 months

Kristy’s tireless efforts in raising awareness of gender inequality and promoting the benefits of diversity within the fintech and payments professions, has helped increase the advancement and representation of women within these industries.  Her advocacy not only highlights the need for more inclusivity and equal opportunities but also focuses on the importance of mentorship and sponsorship programs.  She has created a global platform, which supports the professional development and career advancement of women across the fintech and payments sector.


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